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Living Promises

Living Promises - Amy Lane DNF @ 40%

I'll revisit someday

Making Promises

Making Promises - Amy Lane I knew in my heart of hearts that this one was going to have to be exceptional to match book 1.
Alas, it wasn't. I still finished it in a day tho.

Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride - Heidi Cullinan I think this one is a it's me not you thing
Dnf @64%
I may come back later....

Truth in the Dark

Truth in the Dark - Amy Lane description



It was soo perfectly Imperfect

Every sentence was breathtaking. I want to jump in there and never ever come out.

The words, the building, the pain, the joy, the heartache, the angst, the love.

The words

The words

They took my breath away

"I'd known before that his hands on my body, our skin in the dark, I'd known these things were precious. This night they became holy, because I let him worship me and I gave him worship in return. Sex was lovely. Sex was sublime. Sex was flesh and cock and suck and fuck and come. The night, sex was starlight. Sex was oxygen. Sex was us, and we were beautiful, beautiful and perfect in each other's arms.



It was soo perfectly Imperfect


Christmas Kitsch

Christmas Kitsch - Amy Lane Ohhh M Geeeeee

This one was soo ooeeyyy gooeeyyyy sweet

Loved it. So cute it hurt my heart

Beneath the Stain - Part Seven

Beneath the Stain - Part Seven - Amy Lane WOAH



So my 1st Amy Lane book, or series, or book....

She writes fluidly which makes for easy reading. I started Part 1 some time ago, but I DNF'd it. I knew I'd go back to it but I'm the type of person that needs to be in the mood for certain reads and I can't even tell you what mood I have to be in. It either clicks or it doesn't.
So Part 1 didn't click until this weekend.... And I dont know if it was because I challenged myself to read 10 Novellas on Sunday or not but.....

I wanted to know how it all ends.

Secrets and lies and hidden trysts, addiction and death, and phobia.

God I was back in high school all over again!

All 7 parts held so much.

Loving someone with an addiction isn't easy, neither is coming 2nd best... or feeling as you did.

I loved the extra bonus scenes with different POV's. I wish that Blake got at least a bit of a HFN, or even a this is what happened to him! He was the only one left without a word....

I liked it, I even enjoyed it, parts hurt my heart, parts made me mad, parts made me just nothing and alas no tears.

Is it odd that I seem to rate books on tear levels these days??

Well I do.

So, 3.5 I wish I cried stars.

Going Home

Going Home - Max Vos Lordy Lordy.

I ate this for lunch

Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf

Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf - B.G. Thomas Quick and easy and fa la la's

Blame It On The Mistletoe

Blame It On The Mistletoe - Eli Easton So cute

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can - L.B. Gregg 3.5 takes me out of my slump stars

Smoky Mountain Dreams

Smoky Mountain Dreams - Leta Blake 3 I wish I cried stars.

I guess everyone truly does read a book differently.... And the definition of angst for me...

Mare's angst: crying, blubbering, butterflies, nervousness, sniffles, heart racing, emotional, terrified, what's coming next. WTF where is this going. OMG moments. Heart stopping. Connections.... intense connections.

The true definition of angst:

a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general.
"adolescent angst"
synonyms: anxiety, fear, apprehension, worry, foreboding, trepidation, malaise, disquiet, disquietude, unease, uneasiness

So I guess in a way my angst and the real angst are similar...right?????

Smoky Mountain Dreams....

SMD was really more of the real angst that Mare's angst. And although it dealt with some really tough matters, one that would probably make lots of people tear up, it just didn't hit Mare'sangstmetre as I had prayed.

It was a nice story. I liked it but I also found that I could walk away from the book for hours at a time and then come back to it.
It had some touching moments. But I had a lot more moments of wanting to just shake the characters in the book. All of them. Not just 1 but all.
The sex was hot.
But some of the scenes seemed out of touch with the theme of the story.
But again the sex was seriously hot.

And I also thought that the ending was just a little... abrupt?

Here's hoping we get a book 2 because I feel some serious issues were left unattended, such as Marcy and her care, How B dealt with her wish really not coming true, do they pull the plug? And what happened with Christopher's fucked up family???


Unwrapping Hank

Unwrapping Hank - Eli Easton So cute.
I read this in like 1.5 hours and stupid grinned the whole time
Merry fa la la's

The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 2

The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 2 - Quil Carter God
This series
My nerves
My heart
My nails!!!
My nerves
Quil Carter is a motherfucking genius!
This is not my review
That is to come

You're Always in the Last Place You Look

You're Always in the Last Place You Look - T.N. Gates 3.5 stars
I really enjoyed this book
I wish it delved into some deeper waters
But that's just me. Seeking 100% tears
I also think it ended kinda rushed??? Not much solved?? I don't know
But I liked it


Prey - Andrea Speed Intriguing start.

I'm scared to start book 2.

Yes I love to cry. Rivers of tears


Im still scared!

Black Hurricane

Black Hurricane - Erica Pike Review to come. Im gonna go read book 1 in this series now